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Please note that both jackets are light weight enough that this does not give off any noticeable "weight penalty" - only that the AI feels noticeably "cheaper.

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Welcome to ARMY NAVY SALES. Army Navy Sales offers genuine-issue military apparel from all major branches of the US Armed Forces, as well as camping and hiking gear, workwear, and military-themed gifts and vintage American heritage products.
Military Jacket For Men Add an extra layer of protection against the chill that comes when the temperatures drop by accessorizing with a military jacket for men. Designed to provide extra warmth against the nighttime breeze, or slight temperature drop this style of men's jacket is a must-have addition to any casual wardrobe.
Military Jacket For Men Add an extra layer of protection against the chill that comes when the temperatures drop by accessorizing with a military jacket for men. Designed to provide extra warmth against the nighttime breeze, or slight temperature drop this style of men's jacket is a must-have addition to any casual wardrobe.
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Special Ops Soft Shell Jacket

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At, our selection of military uniforms includes regulation apparel, tactical clothing and accessories, camouflage fatigues, and more. You’ll find shirts, pants, and jackets for men and women in a range of official and military-inspired designs.

Men's military outerwear is practical and stylish. These rugged and durable items keep you warm, take the chill off your hands, and keep the sun out of your eyes. Best of all, you'll look good while wearing them. There are three types of men's military outerwear: Camouflage field jackets provide waterproof warmth for outdoor activities such as hunting.

Baseball hats let you show pride in your service. Flight gloves warm your hands on cold days. Baseball hats with embroidered bills let you show your allegiance to your service branch. Items with Velcro make it easy to attach flag patches.

You can count on watch caps in warm materials such as fleece to warm you on cold days. Polyester and cotton blend boonie hats deflect the rain and shade your eyes from the sun. Thin, comfortable, and fire-resistant gloves warm and protect your hands without limiting your movement.

Some mittens have wool liners, designed to wear over thinner gloves. Other choices have removable quilted liners for warmth. Wool glove liners provide a warm middle layer, ideal if you live in an extremely cold environment. A few have multiple cinch points to ward off the cold and snow.

Quilted liners worn with cold weather field jackets are fashionable on their own. Snap one into a jacket for heavyweight protection against the cold. Some pullover fleece jackets have thumbholes so you can keep the sleeves comfortably in place over your wrists. Selections made of waterproof, windproof, and breathable fabrics are available. Special Ops Soft Shell Jacket. Flight Suit, Tru P. Kids Flight Coverall - Black.

Uncle Milty Travel Vest. Vintage M Field Jacket. Gi Wool Glove Liners. Kids Flight Coverall - Olive Drab. I continue to look for, read up and acquire them.

I am by no means an expert in the field. These two jackets list similar materials, styles and even show similar photos but have some differences in pricing. The A-2 jacket finds its roots from the military.

Under Military contract, the jacket calls for some specifications. Some of my main considerations are the one piece back panel and the type and thickness of hide goat or horse - I have handled both which can range from 0. There are many other factors depending upon the government issue period and how close to the originals you want them to be, etc. Original A-2 jackets did not have "side entry warmer" pockets I am fine if they have them as they did not want the pilots to be putting their hands in the jackets due to its unsoldierly appearance.

Also, goatskin is NOT lambskin. It is known for being somewhat tougher than lambskin. I have made the mistake before in the past. This Alpha Industries "AI" for short has a lower up front cost. AI is made in Pakistan. Schott manufactures the more recognized "Schott Perfecto" motorcycle jacket made famous by Marlon Brando from a movie. AI goatskin is noticeably thinner than USW goatskin. AI jacket is also noticeable lighter than the USW jacket.

Each jacket should be able to keep you warm under similar weather conditions. I do not see this as being substantially problematic, as I never use the clasp anyway. AI is shiny silver probably a nickel plated item , USW is a burnished darker color brass? Time will tell which of these YKK zippers are better. I would throw my chips in with USW using the "higher end" YKK, but in this modern day of technology, I feel that the noticeable "life" of these zippers would be negligible.

AI has single inner pocket with button. USW has single inner pocket without button. Again, not a big impact either way. Major noticeable differences at initial impression which resulted in lower ratings: AI has thinner read: Though this also makes for a lighter jacket.

Please note that both jackets are light weight enough that this does not give off any noticeable "weight penalty" - only that the AI feels noticeably "cheaper. This is a pretty significant sizing issue, enough to take note of and deduct a star. When zipped up, the collar looks loose and sloppy. Neck line is lower than the USW by around 2 inches.

USW got their collar correct. Zipped up, it is not too tight, and not too loose. It does not leave too much of my neck exposed. There is enough leather on the front panels that the collar does not "dip. Jacket is also noticeably "shorter" than the USW by an inch to an inch and a half not necessarily a bad thing depending upon how you like your jackets to fit.

This could be a QC issue, or it could just be the way AI wanted their jackets to look when zipped up. Either way, a collar that is higher gives a more "fitted," cleaner look.

It will also keep out the cold a tiny bit better. I recommend spending a little more and getting the USW A You are getting a higher quality jacket from a strong, branded US manufacturer of leather jackets with many years of experience.

The USW is manufactured with higher quality materials and workmanship. Remember, you are not getting a "Goodwear" or an "Eastman" A-2, but you are also not paying the prices for such items as well.

You won't feel bad beating up a USW jacket. You definitely will not feel bad beating up this jacket as well. I intend on keeping it. But mainly for the purposes of teaching my children how to note the significant differences in quality between these mid-level jackets. I can post photos of the differences if there is any interest. I purchase these items with my own pennies. If I was helpful in anyway, please send me some love! Click on that thumbs up icon!

Thank you for reading this far! I own two other Alpha products, a sage B Flight Jacket for colder weather, and a dark blue L-2B for milder times -- they have held up very well over two years of use.

Medium fit me perfectly 5' 10", , snug as designed , but not tight, full range of movement when zipped up. One star ding for expecting a bit thicker, fuller materials. Don't get me wrong, this thing looks great, and the quality appears exceptional. Can't wait to 'break it in' One person found this helpful. I don't own this jacket cause it was a gift for my friend. He is a and 60kg , I should say XS is fit him perfectly.

If you are a muscle guy,even a little bit,don't try this size,it would be waste your time. I am a cm and 73kg guy who was worked out every single day. I try it before give it to my friend. My shoulders feel just right but you can two line on your shoulder like this: Maybe I should wear a size up.

I should say I love this jacket,I buy one for myself too. The leather is very soft,the colour is nice. Most important thing ,I m a young guy like 25years old but it doesn't look too old on me. One more thing this jacket have a inside pocket. I saw some people said it didn't have , maybe just because those jacket were made by different time. I purchased this jacket, in black, for a gift.

I wanted the best that I could find, and still afford, so I researched the A There are several less expensive versions for sale and no doubt some are pretty nice.

I have owned an inexpensive A-2 for several years and it is 'ok' and wearing acceptably. It is simply superior. The super-soft leather, very high quality look and fit, even the great smell of the leather, is impressive. The sizing seems to be accurate. The recipient of this jacket was thrilled and somewhat overwhelmed. My advice; if you can buy this jacket do it! As frugal as I am, in the future I won't settle for less, even for myself.

This jacket is the real deal. Actually, my husband loves it! They have US sizing and list all the measurements of the jacket so you can decide if you want a bigger or smaller fit. All the other sites provided a sizing chart for the measurements of the person and this garment size chart worked much better. The previous four jackets purchased and returned had myriad problems.

Broken zipper 1 , arms 2 to 3 inches too short 2, 3, 4 or fit him like a sausage casing 3. Alas, this one was perfect!

Ma-1 Flight Jacket

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