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I bought a waxed jacket from H&M earlier this year. It's actually very nice, though it has no inside pockets (this drives me insane.) I have some other outerwear from them, too. I like having 5 or 6 coats in the winter and varying, so H&M is a good place to pick them up. I have no expectation of them lasting, and the synthetic fabrics can be a.

Look great and saving money. Saint Laurent Men's black Saint Laurent wool double-breasted peacoat with notched lapels, dual pockets at front, tonal lining, dual pockets at interior and button closures at front.

After a bad , H&M has a glut of unsold clothes. The good news for us is that they are having a big sale.
The supermodel, who’s known for mixing costly couture (like the eye-catching mules she just designed for Stuart Weitzman) with affordable mall scores (you might recall the $30 H&M pants during Paris Fashion Week), stepped out in H&M’s Padded Jacket With Hood, .
The Weeknd’s collaboration with H&M is one of the more anticipated lines of , and now we have a better look at what it has to offer. “I had a great time selecting my Spring Icons at H&M. I.
The Weeknd has teamed up with H&M on a new iteration of its Spring Icons offering, including an offering of bombers and more. That easygoing coat is the most expensive piece in the offering.
Find a great selection of coats, jackets and blazers for women at skytmeg.cf Shop winter coats, peacoats, raincoats, as well as trenches & blazers from brands like Topshop, Canada Goose, The North Face & more. Free shipping & returns.
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H&M has since it was founded in grown into one of the world's leading fashion companies. The content of this site is copyright-protected and is the property of H&M Hennes & Mauritz AB. Kuwait.

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Quality-wise, it's better than Forever 21 but not as good as Gap. Selection is good and many things go on sale. If you want quality, look for natural materials such as cotton, wool, and silk. These items tend to be more durable and flattering than their polyester and acrylic things. It looks good as new. Their clothing is affordably-priced for a reason. Cheap clothing isn't meant to last you a lifetime, it's meant to last you a season until you find something newer.

This Site Might Help You. I hate lint magnets as well though. Can't wait to see the top on you! It didn't fit me right pretty much anywhere This trench looks sooo good on you!

Fit on trenches can be tricky but this one is perfect. I'm not into trenches but this fit is almost perfect for you! Not a fan of the color black tho The pockets are real Great sleeve length!

Fingertip length on me Belt hangs a bit, but I am pretty sure it is detachable, so you can always add your own I foresee this black fabric attracting lint and cat hair I am wearing the shirt version of the dress seen on Annie and Jean Review coming soon! Fully-lined, even the entire sleeve. Check out this handy label guide Any other trench coat recommendations?

Posted by Michelle at Cher August 6, at Petite and Pink August 6, at 1: TaraMixandMatch August 6, at 1: Michelle August 6, at 2: The Little Dust Princess August 6, at 3: August 6, at 4: Callandra August 6, at 4: Vicky August 6, at 4: It has been a month since I sent the return, I still do not have the refund.

I will give them 28 days to refund me, if not, will take this matter to the OFT. I went to my local h and m store for a refund on a coat i purchased over a week ago. All was going well. The sales assistant put my refund back on my debit card then asked me to sign a slip. Then he looked at my debit card and was told i could no longer have a refund has my signature could not be seen properly on the signature strip.

I was asked if i had any other form of id to prove who i was which i replied no. So the sales assistant went to look for a manager which he could not find.

Then another sales assistant came and asked what was wrong so he told her. Then i was told again i could not have a refund as it would be classed as fraud and it was customer security. I was then given two options to either come back with some id or i was welcome to leave the shop and go and resign my card then i would be given a refund.

Why tell me i am welcome to leave the shop and sign my card then come straight back in and they would give me a refund. Is this not abit contradictory if you dont think i am entitled to refund the first time why suggest i go and sign it then come back in when there so concerned about customer security and fraud. No one was concerned when they were taking the money of me with the same card. Once i get my refund i will not be returning which is sad because you have some good lines.

As she asked the security to review the surveillance system to find out who stole the money as the place have been almost empty and it is easy to distinguish the one who did so , They told here that the system was faulty since a long time ago. He had noticed that the stitching had come undone under the armpit. I took the jumper into the store and explained that I didn't have a receipt but that if it was a problem I could get a bank statement.

The guy on the till said that the jumper had been worn and obviously washed. I assured him that this was definitely not the case. He was very rude and proceded to get another jumper and said 'I know you're going to say that there is no difference but there is! He proceded to get his manager. She was nice but obviously stuck up for her staff which is understandable. What really got my back up is when the guy then said that everything I was saying was a lie and that he had only asked if it had been washed and worn!!!

This has got me so angry. Apparently he has worked there for 5 years. He refused to give me and his name and the manager also refused but I will be taking it further. He may have worked there for 5 years but he has obviously lost all of his customer service skills!

I am very upset to hear that my package is not going to be with me in till the 6th of December. I was hoping that i could get the boots by next Friday for a event i am tending. I have no other winter, waterproof shoes so therefor can not go out as much as i would like too. Please can you look into this and try and get them to me as soon as possible. The young lady that was working at the cashier was not very friendly but rude, and also she didn't even care to look at us or day hi, she kept on taking to her co worker instead of talking to us or even acknowledge us!

I was very disappointed how we were treated! If always had a good experience there but today was not one of them!!! After 1 week the heel of the boots broke. I went back to the store to ask for an exchange or refund and was told by the manager of the store that "heels break off everyday and I was not aloud a refund or an exchange". I was very much angry about this as I only bought them 1 week prior!!

She offered no support or help regarding my item. I have the receipt and boots still in the bag, I have still another week of refund on my purchase and yet I was offered nothing. I would like a refund and feel that I can not shop in that store again! I have searched not being aware many times but was recently told by a staff that the size is not available in your stocks.

I am curious why there is no size 32D available as it is a size not made just for me but many others like me and I find it unfair. It is a very common size and I think it should be available in all designs stocked. Could someone please answer this question for me. Thank you and kind regards. After that, no tracking information was ever posted.

I asked them who they use as a mailing service and they said USPS. I gave them the number and they said that the number couldn't be found and that it wasn't even their number. They might be using a mailing system that's only from their company, but clearly since they lost my package, it doesn't work.

I've ordered stuff from overseas and I've never had my package lost like this before, I've had things come in late, but not utterly lost. After having this happen I've found numerous places like this cite that has terrible reviews, And I wish I never wasted my time or money on this company. H and m city stars vrach is very poor in the quality of the shown items as i a frequant buyer,tge quality of the sale items was the items of the last seasons sale not this season's sale which means they sell the old stuff again on sale for the second time also there are alot of problems in the variety of items there are no items at all as if they are selling the items in other place.

Also I asked the lady about the store's closing and opening times however I just got ignored and answered rudely. Thanks pastor Robeecka maria I say thanks to you and your country God give the peace help me and contact with me i so happy to day and good news for my life this is good gift for me God be help you Thanks pastor Robeecka maria.

I think I had the same issue with sammie22 that my package may be missing. The tracking info says the package has been shipped from the client on May 29th, then nothing else shows up. Now it's June 4th. They never update the tracking number, which isn't the one that USPS uses.

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